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Extending Yahoo Stream Ads Globally

Last year, we debuted Yahoo Stream Ads as a way to make content discovery even more seamless and effective for our readers — through a brand new native ad format. Native advertising is paving the way for more engaging experiences across Yahoo, and we’re constantly exploring new ways to deliver value for brands, while enhancing the user experience. Today, we are extending Yahoo Stream Ads internationally and offering advertisers in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain and the United Kingdom even more ways to connect with Yahoo users.

With our new content stream format now available on many of your favorite Yahoo sites and mobile experiences around the world, we’re excited to be rolling out Yahoo Stream Ads to provide more personalized, immersive advertising that complements the design of these pages. This is an exciting step forward and now brands can easily leverage native advertising with massive scale to meet their marketing goals.

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