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Yahoo News Digest for iPad is Here, Featuring Katie Couric

By Nick D’Aloisio, Product Manager, Mobile and Emerging Products

In January, we launched Yahoo News Digest - an app that combines the strength of science and the power of journalism to deliver the need-to-know news directly to your mobile device twice a day. Today we are bringing this award-winning experience to the iPad with new features that allow you to dig deeper into the news.

We’ve added a new video segment, premiering every Sunday with our Global Anchor Katie Couric. Each week, Couric will walk you through a significant story from the week before and give you key context to get you in the know.


Yahoo News Digest is now optimized for the tablet, taking full advantage of the large screen to provide a beautifully designed landscape experience for you as you read the important news of the day. In addition, based on your feedback, we’ve created customizable notification delivery times. Your digest will still be available twice daily, but now you can decide when you receive your news. Choose anytime between 6am to 10am for your morning digest and 5pm to 9pm for your evening digest.

Once you’ve gotten through the key stories and completed the digest, read extra content if you’d like with Sections, including Politics, Sports, Entertainment and Technology. Check out a couple to whet your palate or read them all! Sections are available in the US edition and coming to other countries soon.


Yahoo News Digest for iPad is now available with US, UK, Canadian, and International editions in English globally. Download the app now in the App Store.

Learn more about the team and vision behind Yahoo News Digest by watching the video below.

Yahoo News Digest Wins Apple Design Award 2014

By Nick D’Aloisio, Product Manager, Yahoo News Digest   

Today Apple announced that Yahoo News Digest is a recipient for this year’s Apple Design Award and we are absolutely thrilled and honored.  To be recognized a second time by Apple, a company that has inspired millions of developers around the world to understand that simplicity can create enduring beauty, is something we are incredibly proud of.

Yahoo News Digest was created to serve people’s daily need to stay informed about the most important news and events around them. The algorithms, which were developed at Summly, smartly reduce stories to the most fundamental elements and meaningfully combine them with select point of views sourced from around the web. We take the Apple Design Award as a terrific reminder that innovation and beauty can be found in the care of the details.

Thank you to the amazing designers on the team who helped develop Yahoo News Digest and more importantly, our users who have made it an integral part of their daily lives.

More to come…



Yahoo News Digest - Now on Android - Adds International and Canadian Editions

By Nick D’Aloisio, Product Manager, Yahoo News Digest                                                                                                                                                                                                             

When we launched the Yahoo News Digest in January for iPhone users in the United States and United Kingdom, our goal was to ensure that our audience is “in the know” of the top news and information in the shortest amount of time, all while giving them a sense of completion. We received an overwhelming response, with 40% of those who downloaded the app coming back to it on a daily basis. Encouraged by the response, we are now bringing the experience to more people around the world.   

Starting today, Yahoo News Digest is now available for both iOS and Android users globally. We’ve added two new editions (beyond the existing US & UK editions): a Canadian and an International edition. Here’s what’s new:

  • In the United States and United Kingdom, Yahoo News Digest is now available on Android, and has added an International edition for those who are interested in global news 

  • In Canada, Yahoo News Digest is now available on iOS and Android.  Our users in Canada can select their edition to see the most locally relevant stories or access the International news edition

  • In the rest of the world, Yahoo News Digest is now available on Android and iOS through our International edition (in English)


The Android version of the Yahoo News Digest was built specifically with a new homescreen widget that will display the most recent unread digest for easy viewing. Unlike other homescreen widgets, the Yahoo News Digest widget keeps track of the digests you’ve read.  

Every morning and night, Yahoo News Digest delivers a summarized version of the top news, in an easy-to-navigate design. Using algorithmic and human editorial curation, each story is a collection of “atoms” — articles, maps, Wikipedia  entries, videos, and photos — that make it easy to “digest” the news quickly. The international edition is compiled by our editors in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Malaysia to offer round-the-clock updates. We then deliver a timely Digest at 8am and 6pm local time, wherever you are in the world.

Yahoo News Digest for Android is now available with US, UK, Canadian, and International editions in English globally. Download the app now in Google Play.

The iOS version in English is available in your local App Store.

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