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Flurry Insights: The Tides Turn for the Phablet’s Popularity

By Jarah Euston, Flurry

Tech media is buzzing that Apple may unveil a phablet-sized iPhone 6 on September 9th. Six years ago, who would have guessed that an extra inch of screen space could cause so much commotion?


Flurry, regularly publishes data-driven reports on its Flurry Insights Blog. Using Flurry Analytics data gathered from 550,000 apps on 1.4 billion devices per month, Flurry has been known to break major mobile news (like when China surpassed the US to become the #1 mobile market, or when it was the first to say that 86% of time spent in mobile is spent in apps).

Last Spring we reported that, as of February 2013, the phablet was an insignificant player in the mobile ecosystem dominated by phones and tablets. In fact, we said that this new kid on the block was not having a meaningful impact among consumers, developers or manufacturers. Today we are taking a second look to see how far phablets have come since our original report.

Take a look at our report over on the Flurry blog.

Bringing Digital Magazines to the Yahoo App on Android in the U.S.

By Fernando Delgado, Senior Director of Product Management, Mobile and Emerging Products

The Yahoo app for Android brings you the very best of the web, personalized to your interests. Today, we’re excited to introduce even more content to cover your interests by including  Yahoo Food, Yahoo Tech, Yahoo Travel, Yahoo Movies, Yahoo Beauty, and our latest addition, Yahoo Health.

Just like your favorite glossy publications, our Yahoo Digital Magazines allow you to immerse yourself in the topics you care most about through elegant design, visual storytelling and distinct editorial voices. Our all-star team includes Bobbi Brown, Paula Froelich and David Pogue


The Yahoo app continues to be the experience you know and love. With a single swipe, check out the latest news, local weather, popular photos and videos, your stocks and more.


As usual, we encourage you to log in to get the most out of the app and receive content tailored to your interests. The more time you spend reading topics you care about, the more we will surface personalized stories to your fingertips.

Android users in the U.S. can update the Yahoo app in the Play Store today. 

Yahoo News Digest - Now on Android - Adds International and Canadian Editions

By Nick D’Aloisio, Product Manager, Yahoo News Digest                                                                                                                                                                                                             

When we launched the Yahoo News Digest in January for iPhone users in the United States and United Kingdom, our goal was to ensure that our audience is “in the know” of the top news and information in the shortest amount of time, all while giving them a sense of completion. We received an overwhelming response, with 40% of those who downloaded the app coming back to it on a daily basis. Encouraged by the response, we are now bringing the experience to more people around the world.   

Starting today, Yahoo News Digest is now available for both iOS and Android users globally. We’ve added two new editions (beyond the existing US & UK editions): a Canadian and an International edition. Here’s what’s new:

  • In the United States and United Kingdom, Yahoo News Digest is now available on Android, and has added an International edition for those who are interested in global news 

  • In Canada, Yahoo News Digest is now available on iOS and Android.  Our users in Canada can select their edition to see the most locally relevant stories or access the International news edition

  • In the rest of the world, Yahoo News Digest is now available on Android and iOS through our International edition (in English)


The Android version of the Yahoo News Digest was built specifically with a new homescreen widget that will display the most recent unread digest for easy viewing. Unlike other homescreen widgets, the Yahoo News Digest widget keeps track of the digests you’ve read.  

Every morning and night, Yahoo News Digest delivers a summarized version of the top news, in an easy-to-navigate design. Using algorithmic and human editorial curation, each story is a collection of “atoms” — articles, maps, Wikipedia  entries, videos, and photos — that make it easy to “digest” the news quickly. The international edition is compiled by our editors in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Malaysia to offer round-the-clock updates. We then deliver a timely Digest at 8am and 6pm local time, wherever you are in the world.

Yahoo News Digest for Android is now available with US, UK, Canadian, and International editions in English globally. Download the app now in Google Play.

The iOS version in English is available in your local App Store.

Want to learn more? Check out our Press Center.

Aviate now @ Yahoo

by Adam Cahan, SVP Mobile and Emerging Products

Today, at CES, we announced the acquisition of Aviate, a company that shares our vision for simple and intelligent mobile experiences. The Aviate team has created a product that changes the way users interact with their Android devices by connecting them to information at the moment it’s useful.  We’re thrilled to share what they’ve built and extend it to our users.

We hope to make Aviate a central part of our Android-based experiences in 2014 (and beyond), and we are committed to continued innovation on the product.

What we saw… The average person has screens and screens of apps on their mobile phones, with only a handful of those being used daily. Yet we spend our time swiping from screen to screen, hunting, loading, seeking information; our homescreen (launcher) experiences are far from smart. Think about the repetitive nature of getting in your car every day and launching the same apps, or arriving home and yet the same screens are there. We know there’s a better user experience.


We envision homescreens becoming smarter, more personalized, aware of your context. Aviate helps us bring this vision to life. Aviate auto-categorizes apps on your Android phone and intelligently gathers them into “spaces.”  By using signals to understand your context - WIFI, GPS, Accelerometer, Time, etc - Aviate automatically surfaces information at the moment it’s useful. So whether you’re just waking up, driving, at work, or maybe out for the night, Aviate learns your habits and helps anticipate the information and apps you need - making your phone smarter.

At Yahoo, we want to make everyone’s daily habits more inspiring and entertaining through beautiful, personalized, and innovative products. Aviate fits perfectly with our team and vision. We are excited to welcome Mark, Paul, Will, and the team to Yahoo.

Aviate is still currently in private beta, but we’re opening it up to the first 25,000 people who use code “YAHOO” to celebrate the news.

We’re just getting started, lots more to share in the coming months, so stay tuned.

Yahoo! Weather: The Forecast Is Beautiful With 100% Chance Of Android Update

By Marco Wirasinghe, Director of Mobile Products

Checking the weather should be beautiful, intuitive and personalized, no matter where you are or what device you’re using. That’s why we’re excited to share that today, we’re releasing a brand new Yahoo! Weather Android app for users worldwide. We’re hopeful you’ll love seeing the weather with a new design and lots of data enhancements.

The new Yahoo! Weather Android app showcases the new beautiful design you’ve been waiting for. We’ve brought gorgeous Flickr photos of locations by weather and by time of day to the front of our experience. We’ve also added more data than ever before, Yahoo! Weather now includes 10-day forecasts, 24 hour forecast, chance of precipitation, wind and pressure, moon phases, UV patterns, sunrise and sunset times, an interactive map and a new widget for your lock screen.

The app is free and available internationally for Android in Google Play.


We hope you enjoy Yahoo! Weather as much as we enjoyed making it. Please continue to send us your feedback and Flickr photos!