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A New Publisher Solution: Yahoo Recommends

By Mike Kerns, Senior Vice President of Homepage and Verticals

At Yahoo, we understand the tools digital publishers need to monetize and develop their business. Over the years we have invested in and built world-class technology to support our media solutions. I’m excited to announce today that we are making that technology available to publishers across the web.

Yahoo Recommends is a technology that generates personalized content recommendations and a native advertising experience for users. The tool makes it easier for visitors to discover a publisher’s content and integrates an additional native advertising unit onto their site. We know first-hand that the combination of personalization and premium content works for users, and we’ve created Yahoo Recommends so publishers can put that powerful combination to work too.


Powered by Yahoo’s personalization technology, Yahoo Recommends comes in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate any site layout on PC or mobile — ensuring a seamless integration with any site and a fluid, relevant and transparent experience for readers.

To help publishers monetize, Yahoo Recommends includes clearly labeled sponsored ads. Premium and personalized ads featured on Yahoo Recommends are served through Yahoo Gemini, Yahoo’s unified mobile search and native ad marketplace. The launch of Yahoo Recommends represents the first time the marketplace has grown to carry inventory and serve ads beyond Yahoo’s own sites.

Digital publishers like CBSi, VOX Media and Hearst are already using Yahoo Recommends to both make discovery easy for visitors and monetize their sites. “We are pleased to be one of the first media companies to use Yahoo Recommends,” said Jim Lanzone, President and CEO, CBS Interactive. “The personalized content recommendations enable users to discover and engage with even more of CBS Interactive’s premium content.”

Publishers can also manage analytics with detailed reporting to understand how their content and ads are performing. Any publisher can start increasing engagement and revenue with three simple steps:


For more information about Publisher Solutions or to get started with Yahoo Recommends, contact your Yahoo representative or email Paul Krakow at

Taking A Mobile-First Approach to Native Advertising

New opportunities with Yahoo Gemini enhance the experience for consumers and advertisers

By Ned Brody, Head of Americas

Over the past year, we’ve reinvented nearly all of our products to be more visually stunning and effortless for our audiences, and we have always believed that the advertising experience should be just as beautiful and engaging. Today, we’re excited to transform the advertising experience across Yahoo by rolling out new, image-rich native ads — designed to be mobile-first, seamlessly integrated with the content, and targeted to the right consumer to drive even better results. The new ads are available through Yahoo Gemini.

Every day, millions of people visit Yahoo to read the news, search for information, and check the weather, mail, sports scores or stock quotes from their smartphones and tablets. In fact, more than half of our global monthly active users come to Yahoo on a mobile device — and we are committed to delivering outstanding advertising that is designed specifically for mobile and integrated across our new experiences.


Available within the Yahoo Gemini marketplace, our new mobile ads include larger, richer graphics and photos for brand storytelling, combined with the performance brands need. While clearly marked as sponsored, the ads will look and act just like the content around them, and will appear within users’ personalized content streams, article pages and image galleries across Yahoo mobile and desktop products. When people tap on the ads, they can visit the brand’s site directly or view a full-screen visual for even greater interactivity and impact.

Top advertisers including Netflix are already using these new ad formats.

When advertising is a seamless part of the stories, photos and videos around it, it enhances the way people discover and share, while increasing engagement, recall, intent and favorability for advertisers. We’re excited to move toward a new mobile experience that brings together engaging content and even richer advertising.

For more information, contact your Yahoo account manager or sign up here.

Want to learn more? Check out our Press Center.

Introducing Yahoo Gemini

The first unified ad marketplace for mobile search and native advertising

By Jay Rossiter, SVP of Cloud Platform Group, and Adam Cahan, SVP of Mobile and Emerging Products

When advertising appears seamlessly and naturally, it creates a more enjoyable experience for users, increases engagement and improves performance for advertisers. This is why we continue to work hard to roll out new, more innovative native ad formats on Yahoo. Native advertising is the sponsored twin of content  — while the ads are clearly marked, they look and act just like the other stories on the page. 

Today, we are excited to introduce Yahoo Gemini, the first unified marketplace for mobile search and native advertising. With Yahoo Gemini, advertisers get the performance and ease of search, combined with the scale and creativity of native advertising.  By bringing the two together, advertisers can now buy, manage and optimize their mobile search and native ad spend in one place — driving greater performance and higher impact for their businesses and brands.

And to make it even easier for advertisers, Yahoo Gemini is available through our existing self-service buying platform, Yahoo Ad Manager. 

Mobile is the fastest-growing market segment, and we have innovated how our users communicate, consume content and search for information across multiple devices. We are equally committed to building products that simplify the buying process and improve the experience for advertisers.  Yahoo Gemini is the latest way we are helping advertisers reach millions of people directly on their mobile devices with smart, integrated, multi-channel campaigns. 

Introducing the new Yahoo Advertising

Today we are announcing a unified approach to digital advertising that only Yahoo can deliver – across premium and audience-focused display, native and search advertising.

The online advertising world today is fragmented, difficult to navigate, and not always customer-friendly. For advertisers to get the reach, targeting, and ad effectiveness they want, they have to work with multiple publishers, ad networks and exchanges, demand-side platforms, and analytics vendors, among others. And still, advertisers are left with limited ability to measure and optimize the performance of their campaigns.


We think there is a better way. The new Yahoo Advertising includes a comprehensive suite of web, mobile, and video ad products across native, audience, and premium display, which are accessible through a new buying platform. These products are supported by Yahoo’s data and analytical tools, with insights into the daily digital habits of more than 800 million people worldwide.

What’s New:

  • Tumblr Sponsored Posts now powered by Yahoo Advertising
  • Yahoo Audience Ads — a better way to buy ads targeted to specific audiences
  • Yahoo Ad Manager and Ad Manager Plus — a new buying platform that gives advertisers direct, hands-on access to Yahoo’s advertising products
  • Yahoo Ad Exchange — a new global ad marketplace that provides premium publishers with more visibility and control over advertising on their sites.


Native Advertising

Yahoo Stream Ads and Yahoo Image Ads offer native ads that are organic and as engaging as the stories around them. Today, we are excited to announce that Tumblr Sponsored Posts are now powered by Yahoo Advertising. The ads are a more natural, seamless part of the reader’s experience, leading to higher impact for advertisers.

Display Advertising

We’re introducing the new Yahoo Audience Ads, a better way to buy ads targeted to specific audiences. Yahoo Audience Ads deliver the right messages to the right users across Yahoo and other high-quality sites with the scale and targeting precision of real-time programmatic buying. Expanding the services previously available as Genome, Yahoo Audience Ads offer optimized, data-driven ad buying with enhanced analytics. Advertisers have access to a comprehensive set of audience data, combining Yahoo data with advertiser data and third-party data, all usable on an extended pool of high-quality inventory.

Yahoo Audience Ads complement our existing premium display offering, Yahoo Premium Ads. Yahoo Premium Ads offer the largest digital advertising canvas for brand and performance advertisers on the web. Run a brand campaign on the Yahoo homepage, sponsor March Madness on Yahoo Sports, or run premium video ads on Yahoo Screen. Yahoo Premium Ads ensure the right audiences are reached on brand-safe and contextually relevant sites.  

A Simplified Platform

These new native and display ads are now available to large and small advertisers through a new simplified platform, Yahoo Ad Manager. Yahoo Ad Manager gives advertisers direct, hands-on access to Yahoo’s advertising products. Yahoo Stream Ads, Yahoo Image Ads and Tumblr Sponsored Posts powered by Yahoo Advertising are available today through a simple user interface that helps advertisers get ads online in a matter of minutes, with insights and analytics built in.

Yahoo Ad Manager Plus is an extension of Yahoo Ad Manager for larger advertisers to plan, execute and optimize complex display ad campaigns directly, giving them greater control over the performance of their ads on Yahoo and third-party programmatic inventory. Many features of Yahoo Audience Ads and Premium Ads can be accessed through Yahoo Ad Manager Plus, available later in Q1. Yahoo offers managed services through Yahoo Audience Ads and Yahoo Premium Ads for advertisers who want custom audience definition, richer campaign measurement and insights, access to exclusive inventory, varied pricing options, and full-service optimization.

Yahoo Ad Exchange is a new global ad marketplace launching in Q1 that provides premium publishers with more visibility and control over advertising on their sites. Continuing the evolution of programmatic advertising, the Yahoo Ad Exchange upgrades the powerful services that our partners know from Right Media with a higher-quality marketplace and an enhanced platform featuring payment clearing, advanced inventory and demand controls, and flexible private marketplaces.

The Importance of Insights

These new Yahoo Advertising products offer brands and advertisers the most comprehensive ways in the market to accurately target campaigns, utilize data and insights from Yahoo, advertisers, and third parties. Because Yahoo is at the center of people’s daily habits across search, communications, media, and video, we can offer uniquely powerful insights on consumer behavior.

We are committed to driving innovation in ad technology across the industry. Yahoo Advertising is our investment in building better advertising tools to create engaging experiences that users enjoy and advertisers embrace.


Advertising Week, Here We Come!

By John Buchanan, Head of Media and Business Marketing

At Yahoo, we are focused on delivering more personalized, entertaining and inspiring product experiences. As part of this, we’re always exploring new ways to put brands at the center of the daily habits of more than 800 million users globally. Next week, we’ll join one of the ad industry’s biggest annual events, Advertising Week 2013, to discuss how we’re approaching these opportunities.


During five packed days of keynotes and panel discussions, we’ll share the unique work we’re doing to redefine cross-screen experiences, showcase the latest Yahoo products, and discuss how we’ve brought a new pace of innovation to our advertising solutions. We are also excited to share that Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer will join Charlie Rose for a keynote discussion at IAB MIXX on September 24 at 3:45 pm ET. Follow us at @YahooAdBuzz for live updates from the event!

Here’s a preview of Yahoo’s lineup of speakers throughout the week:

In the heart of New York’s Times Square, Advertising Week attendees can also take a break between sessions, compliments of the Yahoo Food Truck – download one of Yahoo’s mobile apps and enjoy free snacks and coffee on us! You can watch @YahooAdBuzz to find the truck’s location.

We’ll have lots more to share throughout the week, so be sure to check out the Yahoo Advertising Blog as well, where we’ll post updates, photos and more. See you at Advertising Week!

Ned Brody Joins Yahoo as SVP and Head of the Americas

By Henrique De Castro, Chief Operating Officer


Today, I’m thrilled to share that Ned Brody has joined Yahoo as Senior Vice President and Head of the Americas, overseeing Yahoo’s advertising business across North and South America. We’ve had great momentum at Yahoo as we continue to bring the best talent in the industry to our operational team, including the recent additions of Dawn Airey as SVP of EMEA, Andre Christensen as SVP of Strategy and Business Operations, and John DeVine SVP of Global Ad Operations.

I have known Ned for some time and he is one of the industry’s strongest thought leaders, client partners, business drivers and people managers. He is known for his analytical insight, solutions-oriented approach to selling,  problem solving, and above all, for being a team player.  I’m personally excited to work with Ned as we continue to position Yahoo for growth around the world. 

For more information, read our press release here.