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Bringing Digital Magazines to the Yahoo App on Android in the U.S.

By Fernando Delgado, Senior Director of Product Management, Mobile and Emerging Products

The Yahoo app for Android brings you the very best of the web, personalized to your interests. Today, we’re excited to introduce even more content to cover your interests by including  Yahoo Food, Yahoo Tech, Yahoo Travel, Yahoo Movies, Yahoo Beauty, and our latest addition, Yahoo Health.

Just like your favorite glossy publications, our Yahoo Digital Magazines allow you to immerse yourself in the topics you care most about through elegant design, visual storytelling and distinct editorial voices. Our all-star team includes Bobbi Brown, Paula Froelich and David Pogue


The Yahoo app continues to be the experience you know and love. With a single swipe, check out the latest news, local weather, popular photos and videos, your stocks and more.


As usual, we encourage you to log in to get the most out of the app and receive content tailored to your interests. The more time you spend reading topics you care about, the more we will surface personalized stories to your fingertips.

Android users in the U.S. can update the Yahoo app in the Play Store today. 

Yahoo app for iOS 7: Now with breaking news, “My Saves,” and cinemagraphs

by Fernando Delgado, Senior Director of Product Management, Mobile and Emerging Products

The Yahoo app is one of our daily experiences — we present news that’s personalized just for you. Today, we’ve added new features along with animated cinemagraphs that make Yahoo for iPhone and iPod touch an even better experience for discovering and reading content whether in the moment or saving for later. And it’s designed for iOS 7.

For those of you in the U.S., we’re introducing the ability to save your favorite content for later. With “My Saves” you can simply tap a button and come back later.  If you’re on the go, there’s no better way to make sure all your important news, information or entertainment are waiting for you when you have the time.  

We’ve also added breaking news, to make sure we alert you immediately.  You can follow the story as it develops from our breaking news blog as information updates in real-time from Yahoo editors.


At Yahoo, we realize that it’s not just the quality of the content  that keeps you coming back, it’s the experience. That’s why we’ve made changes to almost every view of the app to make it cleaner, faster and more engaging.

You can switch categories quicker than ever, and you’ll notice that the stream has been given a cleaner look to make it more readable. When you tap an article, you’ll see that we try to include a beautiful, relevant photo with each story. Some of them even have cinemagraphs - very subtly animated photos that bring the story to life.


In the coming days, features like “My Saves” will make their way to the desktop, so you’ll be able to flag any content that you find on Yahoo for later reading. That means that if you save something while you’re on your computer, you can read it on your phone later.

We hope you enjoy the new Yahoo experience, it gets smarter every time you use it.