Premiering Yahoo Movies

By Josh Wolk, Executive Editor of Yahoo Entertainment

Today, we’re premiering the new Yahoo Movies, a digital magazine that provides movie lovers of all kinds—from blockbuster fanatics to indie-film obsessives—a ticket to the ultimate movie experience.


Watching movies isn’t just about going to the theater or renting DVDs anymore: People are devouring films on their phones, tablets and laptops. And that’s where Yahoo Movies lives as well, with a full screen experience for first-look movie trailers, behind-the-scenes scoop, and red-carpet galleries.

Whether you’re heading out to the theater or looking for something to stream at home, our writers will guide you to the must-see films, both new releases and lost classics. We’ll also feature in-depth essays from top critics, interviews with Hollywood’s biggest stars , and sneak peeks of the most anticipated films. And with our exclusive live stream events, we’ll continue to put you on the red carpet at movie premieres as well as the year’s top awards shows.

If you like movies with giant explosions, intimate love stories, superheroes, subtitles, banter, bawling, or all of the above—we’ve got your ticket. And there’s more to come. So grab a popcorn bucket (treat yourself to the extra large with butter; you deserve it!), lean back, and enjoy the new Yahoo Movies!  

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