Intelligence Behind the Screen: Yahoo Smart TV

by Ron Jacoby, VP Smart TV

At CES this week, we’re excited to introduce Yahoo Smart TV, the next evolution of Yahoo’s Connected TV platform, which is used in millions of households today.

With all the choices available on your TV today from traditional channels, to Video On Demand, to Web video such as Yahoo Screen, finding what to watch is harder than ever. I’ve always wanted to come home and simply flip on the TV to find shows that are automatically suggested based on my previous viewing tastes and availability.

With Yahoo’s Smart TV platform, it’s just that easy.

  • Yahoo Smart Guide scans thousands of program options and learns from your viewing habits to recommend content that’s personalized just for you. The recommendations include a combination of shows that are about to start, interesting in-progress content like a football game, Video On Demand content and the Web.


  • Yahoo Smart Info automatically surfaces content related to the show you’re watching - such as live updates on your fantasy team during the game. And, we’re working with entertainment partners like FOX to give you new ways to get inside your favorite TV shows with relevant downloads and bonus content. Commercials are also made smarter, so it’s easy to track your FedEx package when you see the TV ad, or take advantage of a special offer.

We’re excited to bring together our automatic content recognition, personalization and TV platform to offer the perfect living room companion.