When you’re a company that’s been around as long as Yahoo, there are lots of fun things that you stumble across. This year, we found a huge list of domain names that the company has owned for quite some time.

As we discussed what to do with them, it became obvious that it was time to set them free…back into the wild of the Internet. Surely, creative people, businesses and entrepreneurs could come up with something great to do with them. They could even spark some brand new ideas or companies.

Tomorrow, we’re starting a week-long auction that includes well over a hundred premium domain names. How premium you ask? How about That’s a pretty awesome name, and now it’s back on the market!


Get ready to bid on your favorites, here’s a partial look at the treasure you’ll find:

- (Snack-rating site?)
- (Reminds me of high school)
- (A social network for people who ride horses?)
- (Winter is coming)
- (Could be great if blogging ever became an Olympic sport!)

Go here to find the list. The Domainapalooza starts on the 14th and goes through the 21st, and we’ll be adding more domain names during the week.

Happy bidding!

by Kevin Kramer, Deputy General Counsel