Bringing a refreshed Yahoo! to our global mobile web users on all devices

By Juliana Santarelli, Senior Product Manager, Mobile & Emerging Products

We are pleased to announce a new mobile web experience that is rolling out today globally across many Yahoo! properties including Mail, Finance, Homepage, Search, Messenger, News and more.

We’re focused on building products for where our users are, and that includes mobile apps of course, but it also means providing an awesome mobile web experience, regardless of the device you use.  Today many of our global users are accessing their web experiences on feature phones.

We wanted to be sure all our users get the best possible experience. So today, you’ll find a refreshed, modernized mobile web experience that’s more consistent with our mobile apps regardless of the level of device you’re using, from smartphones to the most basic feature phone. Our focus is to ensure our sites maximize the available space on your phone’s screen, improve page performance and are available to our users regardless of what device you’re using.