One Step Closer To The Yahoo! Username You’ve Been Waiting For

By Dylan Casey, Senior Director, Platforms

Your username is how we personalize your experience across Yahoo! including Mail, Flickr, Fantasy Sports among others. And, so it’s probably as important to you as it is to us.

Beginning today, you could find out if your dream Yahoo! username is now available. If you filled out the wishlist with your top five choices last month, you’ll be getting notified today about the username you’re able to claim as your very own. If you didn’t get your requested username this time around, that’s OK - because we’re launching a Watchlist and we’re automatically putting you on it for free.


Just for some fun, here are the most popular username requests, with first names leading the way:

Top 3 name requests for the guys:

Top 3 name requests for the ladies:

“Batman” and “Superman” even showed up high on the list. I wish I had thought of those.

If you weren’t a part of the Wishlist, $1.99 gets you access to the Watchlist, which lets you watch up to five usernames for three years. If one of the names becomes available, we’ll hold it for you for 14 days and you’re next in line.


Your safety and security are important to us, so for more details on our approach to privacy protection during this process, please go here.

Enjoy the Yahoo! experience with your new username!

[photos via joshua smithroy luck]