Get Your Yahoo! Username Wish List Ready!

By Dylan Casey, Senior Director, Platforms

Last month, we told you about being able to grab the Yahoo! username of your dreams, where the first step was letting people keep their account by logging in if they hadn’t in the past year.

That part is over, so it’s time for you to start filling out your wish list.

To get the Yahoo! username you’ve always wanted, we’ve set up a page where you can request your top five choices. If your first choice isn’t available, we’ll try one of your backups.

In mid-August, you’ll get an email letting you know which of your picks is available, with link to claim it within 48 hours. And just like that, it’s all yours.

Your Yahoo! username is what you use to log into all our services daily, so we want it to reflect who you really are.

Since we take privacy and safety seriously, we’re announcing exactly how we’ll be working with partners, like e-commerce and social networking sites, on identifying that you’re the new owner of a Yahoo! username, and not the previous one. You can read all about that process here.

This is a cool opportunity for you to get creative, so have fun picking out your new username.