Share More Photos In Yahoo! Mail, Thanks To Flickr

By Joe Covalesky, Principal Engineer, Yahoo! Mail

Making Yahoo! Mail easier to use, and more fun, is our priority. Today we’re making it super simple to share individual photos or sets right from Flickr.

Since you’re sending and receiving  hundreds of millions of photos in Yahoo! Mail every single day, we wanted to make it an even better experience. Not only is it simple to share as many Flickr photos as you’d like, but they’re displayed in a beautiful way, just like they are on Flickr itself.

Much like our Dropbox integration, all you have to do is click the arrow next to the paperclip and choose “Share from Flickr.”  Since you’re logged in already, all of your photos are there waiting for you. Not a Flickr user? No problem, you can sign up without leaving Mail.

Since you send email daily, this is more of a reason to fill up your shiny new 1 terabyte of space on Flickr with all of your photos.

We’re working on some other helpful features for Mail that we think you’ll enjoy, so stay on the lookout for those.