Yahoo! Searches this Week Show Donut Buzz and Love for the Great Outdoors

This is an ongoing series of posts that highlights the daily search habits of Yahoo! users.

This Friday, June 7th, marks the 75th annual National Donut Day. Created by the Salvation Army in 1938 to honor the women who served donuts to servicemen in WWI, the national day celebrates the sweet fried treats that we all know and love.

Donuts are a popular topic online. In recent years, their interest has surged following the popularity of cake pops and cupcakes. We pulled together some delicious stats to honor the national holiday! Is it [doughnuts] or [donuts]? The search term [donuts] gets 4X the searches of [doughnuts]. Surprised? Which brand of donut are Yahoo! users looking to devour this National Donut Day? Searches for [dunkin donuts] are searched for 21x more than [krispy kreme].  Looking to fry up some of your own delicious treats? Searches for [homemade donut recipes] and [how to make donuts]] are spiking this month on Yahoo!.

The sun is out, the birds are singing, and Yahoo! users are looking for some outdoor enjoyment. What better way to enjoy the outdoors than by hitting the trails and going for hike? Searches for [hiking] are spiking by 51% this month! Which historical trails are Yahoo! users looking to trek? Ranked from most to least, the top searched hiking spots this month on Yahoo! include: [yellowstone national park], [grand canyon], [yosemite national park], [glacier national park], [zion national park] and [denali national park].

Yahoo! users don’t want to brave the rough terrain without being prepared. Searches for [hiking boots], [hiking shoes], [hiking sticks], [hiking backpacks], [hiking sandals] and [hiking gear] are all buzzing this week. One fascinating search term that pops up on Yahoo! during the summer months…[how many calories are in smores], maybe folks are hiking to a good camping spot, lighting the campfire and devouring these sweet treats!