When you’re a company that’s been around as long as Yahoo, there are lots of fun things that you stumble across. This year, we found a huge list of domain names that the company has owned for quite some time.

As we discussed what to do with them, it became obvious that it was time to set them free…back into the wild of the Internet. Surely, creative people, businesses and entrepreneurs could come up with something great to do with them. They could even spark some brand new ideas or companies.

Tomorrow, we’re starting a week-long auction that includes well over a hundred premium domain names. How premium you ask? How about That’s a pretty awesome name, and now it’s back on the market!


Get ready to bid on your favorites, here’s a partial look at the treasure you’ll find:

- (Snack-rating site?)
- (Reminds me of high school)
- (A social network for people who ride horses?)
- (Winter is coming)
- (Could be great if blogging ever became an Olympic sport!)

Go here to find the list. The Domainapalooza starts on the 14th and goes through the 21st, and we’ll be adding more domain names during the week.

Happy bidding!

by Kevin Kramer, Deputy General Counsel

Investing in our Yahoo Finance Homepage

Emily Jipson, Head of Product, Yahoo Finance

Earlier this week we introduced a new Yahoo Finance app for iPhone and iPad, and today we are launching a redesigned Yahoo Finance for the web. This clean new design aims to provide you with access to the stocks you care about, a stream of relevant business news, deeper data integration, and more.

One of the first changes you’ll notice is a list of stocks at the top left, which makes monitoring the companies that you care about easy from any page on Yahoo Finance.

The new Yahoo Finance Portfolio lets you sync your brokerage accounts for a real-time view of your performance.  Now, it’s faster and easier to see your best and worst performing investments, right from the new Finance homepage.


We’ve integrated the Markets section with the homepage to allow you to get greater insight into broad market performance. With the new calendar feature, you can see the day’s market-moving events.  And with Trending Tickers, you can view which stocks are trending right now with Yahoo Finance users.


We’d love for you to give the new experience a spin and please feel free to send us your feedback.

New Yahoo Finance App Goes Public

by Alex Diaz, VP Mobile and Emerging Products

Today we’re excited to introduce an updated Yahoo Finance app for iPhone and iPad - an entirely redesigned experience to help you follow the stocks and companies you care about most. Yahoo Finance delivers personalized news, real-time data and insights wherever you are, whenever you need it.

At the center of the Yahoo Finance app are the companies and stocks you care about - whether it’s breaking news and information, beautiful interactive charts or real time price changes you can easily follow any company to get personalized information and make sure you keep up to date on changes.

The Yahoo Finance app for iPhone and iPad was reimagined to deliver a beautiful personalized experience with a stream of top news and data based on your favorite stocks and interests. We’ve added Push Notifications to keep you in the know as important stories break — so you can make quick and informed decisions on the stocks and companies you follow.

Yahoo Finance includes completely redesigned interactive stock charts to track historical changes, and easily compare performance to identify trends.


It’s now easier than ever to visualize company and market data by swiping, pinching and panning across the chart. You can also compare any stock, market or index to see related price changes.

We’re really excited about the new Yahoo Finance app and hope that you are too. The app is available in the US and you can download it free on the App Store.


Yahoo To Host Hunger Games’ Jennifer Lawrence & Francis Lawrence in Exclusive “Tumblr Ask”

by Matthew McDaniel, Managing Editor of Yahoo Movies

Attention: Citizens!

On Wednesday, November 6th, Yahoo’s getting the inside scoop on “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” from Katniss Everdeen herself! Academy Award winner Jennifer Lawrence and Hunger Games’ director Francis Lawrence will be participating in a LIVE “Tumblr Ask” chat answering questions directly from you, the fans.

We know you have burning questions to ask. Starting today, you can submit your questions to both Jennifer & Francis on the Yahoo Entertainment Tumblr. Against All The Odds - your questions might get answered. Come back to Tumblr on November 6 for the live responses straight from Jennifer and Francis.

Check out ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ trailer below for some inspiration:

Everyone’s Favorite Gadget Geek, David Pogue, to Join Yahoo

By Marissa Mayer

I am thrilled to announce that award-winning columnist, best-selling author, and TV host David Pogue will be joining Yahoo. David will lead a major expansion of consumer tech coverage on Yahoo and will publish columns, blog posts and video stories that demystify the gadgets, apps and technology that powers our users’ daily lives.

Yahoo is in a unique position to bring to life great editorial about the technology consumers are using every day. David is tremendously talented, has a great sense of humor, and is gifted at explaining technology.  He also just happens to be one of the nicest and most positive people I’ve met. He has always been one of my favorite journalists, and I can’t think of a better person to make technology more accessible and helpful for the hundreds of millions of people who come to Yahoo every day.

We can’t wait for David’s first pieces. In the meantime, here is a taste of the humor, irreverence and know-how that David brings to Yahoo. Enjoy!

Introducing Auto Upload and Auto-straightening for Flickr on iOS

By Markus Spiering, Head of Product, Flickr

At Flickr, we know how important it is to capture the right moment. Our last few updates, including our brand new camera for Flickr for iPhone and iPod touch, have aimed to help you set up the perfect shot.

Today, we’re excited to announce our latest developments in achieving this goal:  Auto Upload and auto-straightening features for Flickr iPhone and iPod touch.

Auto Upload

Up until now, you’ve had to upload photos from your iPhone or iPod manually. That can be a really painful and time-consuming process. We’re introducing Auto Upload for iOS 7 users to automatically save your photos to Flickr, securely and privately, until you’re ready to to edit and share them.  With Auto Upload, you can always find your smartphone photos wherever you want — within the Flickr app and on



Our last update included customizable filters and editing tools, and we’re adding a powerful new addition: auto-straightening. Have you ever framed up  the perfect photo but got bumped as you took the shot? It can be pretty frustrating. With the tap of a button, the Flickr app will instantly straighten your picture. It’s a tool that works like magic when your photo is just a little bit off.


At Flickr, we always want to improve your experience and do our best to help you capture and share your daily lives. Please keep your feedback coming!


With App Passwords, Your Yahoo Account Is Now More Secure

by Ramses Martinez, Director, Paranoids

At Yahoo, we’re constantly thinking about ways to protect our users and their data. In addition to second sign-in verification, we’re also launching today another way to make your account more secure: App Passwords.

An App Password is a temporary password that you can enter into our native iOS and Android apps for added protection. It’s a way that you can authorize a device to access your Yahoo apps.

Simply go into your account settings, turn on second sign-in verification, and then generate the one-time app password. Once you do, you can enter the password your mobile app, and it’s as simple as that. Your device will be logged-in, so you won’t have to go through this step again.image


If you add another device, you’ll have to generate a new one-time App Password. Lost your phone? No problem, you can easily revoke access to each individual app and device from the settings page:


Check out the video below to learn more about how to turn on second-sign in and Application Passwords.

Our team continues to focus on improving the security of your account and is dedicated to keeping up with safety and security best practices.


Your favorite things in one awesome place, the new My Yahoo

By Mike Kerns, SVP Homepage & Vertical Products

We’ve spent the last few months creating the most personalized Yahoo yet — and we know that millions of you want to customize your experience even more. That’s why today we’re introducing an updated My Yahoo with a new modern design, available on your desktop or on-the-go with a tablet or smartphone. It’s now easier to organize and discover your favorite parts of the Web, all in one beautiful place.

The refreshed design gives you a sleek, tailor-made starting page to access your email accounts, calendars, stock portfolio, sports scoreboard, weather, Flickr, and of course your favorite content — from Yahoo and around the Web. You can also choose from a range of cool new themes from designers like Oscar de la Renta, Rachel Zoe and Jenni Kayne; artists Chihuly, Polly Apfelbaum and Alec Monopoly; and even bands like Empire of the Sun, Twenty One Pilots, and FUN. On My Yahoo anyone can create their very own place that reflects a sense of style and personality.

Let serendipity guide you, My Yahoo makes it simple to uncover new content and explore interesting topics and sources that you might not know about. Whether you’re a foodie, news junkie, fashionista, or a stock trader, you can customize a page that’s completely you. Maybe that includes the latest street styles from The Sartorialist, delicious recipes from Epicurious, the latest political headlines from Politico, or clever ways to modify Ikea furniture from Ikea Hackers.

This new experience is just another way we aim to inspire, entertain, and give you a reason to come back every day to Yahoo. And if you’re looking for a new home, My Yahoo has made it easy to import your settings.

We are thrilled to share the new My Yahoo with you and, as always, we welcome your feedback!

Yahoo app for iOS 7: Now with breaking news, “My Saves,” and cinemagraphs

by Fernando Delgado, Senior Director of Product Management, Mobile and Emerging Products

The Yahoo app is one of our daily experiences — we present news that’s personalized just for you. Today, we’ve added new features along with animated cinemagraphs that make Yahoo for iPhone and iPod touch an even better experience for discovering and reading content whether in the moment or saving for later. And it’s designed for iOS 7.

For those of you in the U.S., we’re introducing the ability to save your favorite content for later. With “My Saves” you can simply tap a button and come back later.  If you’re on the go, there’s no better way to make sure all your important news, information or entertainment are waiting for you when you have the time.  

We’ve also added breaking news, to make sure we alert you immediately.  You can follow the story as it develops from our breaking news blog as information updates in real-time from Yahoo editors.


At Yahoo, we realize that it’s not just the quality of the content  that keeps you coming back, it’s the experience. That’s why we’ve made changes to almost every view of the app to make it cleaner, faster and more engaging.

You can switch categories quicker than ever, and you’ll notice that the stream has been given a cleaner look to make it more readable. When you tap an article, you’ll see that we try to include a beautiful, relevant photo with each story. Some of them even have cinemagraphs - very subtly animated photos that bring the story to life.


In the coming days, features like “My Saves” will make their way to the desktop, so you’ll be able to flag any content that you find on Yahoo for later reading. That means that if you save something while you’re on your computer, you can read it on your phone later.

We hope you enjoy the new Yahoo experience, it gets smarter every time you use it.

Advertising Week, Here We Come!

By John Buchanan, Head of Media and Business Marketing

At Yahoo, we are focused on delivering more personalized, entertaining and inspiring product experiences. As part of this, we’re always exploring new ways to put brands at the center of the daily habits of more than 800 million users globally. Next week, we’ll join one of the ad industry’s biggest annual events, Advertising Week 2013, to discuss how we’re approaching these opportunities.


During five packed days of keynotes and panel discussions, we’ll share the unique work we’re doing to redefine cross-screen experiences, showcase the latest Yahoo products, and discuss how we’ve brought a new pace of innovation to our advertising solutions. We are also excited to share that Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer will join Charlie Rose for a keynote discussion at IAB MIXX on September 24 at 3:45 pm ET. Follow us at @YahooAdBuzz for live updates from the event!

Here’s a preview of Yahoo’s lineup of speakers throughout the week:

In the heart of New York’s Times Square, Advertising Week attendees can also take a break between sessions, compliments of the Yahoo Food Truck – download one of Yahoo’s mobile apps and enjoy free snacks and coffee on us! You can watch @YahooAdBuzz to find the truck’s location.

We’ll have lots more to share throughout the week, so be sure to check out the Yahoo Advertising Blog as well, where we’ll post updates, photos and more. See you at Advertising Week!