Flurry Insights: Gaming - The Lingua Franca of Mobile

By Jarah Euston, Flurry

Some entertainers, like Michael Jackson, become worldwide stars. Others, like Psy of Gangnam Style, capture the world’s attention for 15 minutes. And others stop at the border, never attaining international fame. With games, the same is true. What makes one gaming title spread like wildfire beyond its country of origin to become an international juggernaut, while another is only a local hit? In today’s report, we investigate.

Gaming is the Global Pastime

In this study, we dove deep into global gaming activity to understand which types of games cross borders, and which tend to stay local. For the purpose of this report, we restricted the consideration set to Android devices only, due to its larger market share internationally.

Gaming is truly a global pastime, and Flurry’s data proves it. The chart above displays the average daily time spent in all gaming categories. Globally, gamers are averaging 37 minutes a day playing games. The US leads the pack with nearly 51.8 minutes a day, followed by another leading industrial powerhouse, Germany, with 47.1 minutes. China rounds out the top 10 with 28.6 minutes. It’s a testament to mobile’s global reach that half of the top 10 countries are outside the West. It’s this reach that makes gaming the lingua franca of the modern world.

Take a look at our full report over on the Flurry blog.

Yahoo Weather Comes Alive in iOS Update

By Shenglong Gao, Associate Product Manager, Mobile Weather

With our latest iOS update, we’re taking our award-winning experience on the Yahoo Weather App even further. By using technology typically only experienced in video games, we’re bringing weather to life on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch through animations that appear directly in the Yahoo Weather Today widget as well as in your app. It’s the same beautiful design and location-based weather photos from Flickr, now combined with amazing weather effects.

Now when you check the forecast during a hot summer day, you will actually see the haze come across your screen. You’ll also see the rain, snow, and fog –with even more effects coming soon.


These animated effects will make checking the forecast daily more delightful than ever. So take the opportunity to explore the weather in your favorite places around the world, and see for yourself. Update your app or download the latest version in the App Store today.

Introducing the New Yahoo Developer Network Website


By Amotz Maimon, Chief Architect, Yahoo

Today, we’re excited to announce the new Yahoo Developer Network (YDN) website. Supporting external developers with open source and open APIs has long been key to Yahoo’s success. With over 500,000 developers using Yahoo APIs, we needed a new home to support our developer community. The updated site significantly improves the experience for developers and advertisers using Yahoo APIs such as Search and advertising (Gemini).


Check out the new Yahoo Developer Network

Yahoo On The Road: Live It Live

By Kathy Savitt, CMO

Just when you thought music festival season was over, this fall, Yahoo Live: On the Road will head out on our second annual cross country road trip. We’re firing up our school spirit as the big purple buses make their way to 13 college campuses across the U.S. We’ll have two buses to rally students with fresh performances and amazing Yahoo Live experiences. We’re excited to kick off the tour with some of today’s most popular bands including Bleachers, Matt & Kim, Tokyo Police Club, Mayer Hawthorne, G-Eazy, Young the Giant and Panic! At the Disco.


Get your tickets! When the purple buses arrive on campus students should head to the Yahoo On the Road “Amped Up Hub.” DJs will be spinning and fans can secure registration codes for concert tickets that will grant them access to the show (first come, first served), and allow them to participate in exclusive in-concert experiences using the Yahoo Screen App.

Can’t make it in person? Fans across the country can tune-in to all Yahoo On the Road concerts on Yahoo Live. You can catch performances from wherever you are through the Yahoo Screen App on iOS, Android, mobile Web, desktop and Smart TV platforms including AppleTV, Roku and Xbox 360.

For more details on Yahoo On the Road ticketing please visit our website or follow our Facebook or Twitter page.


Yahoo Hosts Partner Day, Launches New Partner Site

By Ian Weingarten, Head of Global Partnerships

Last week we held our 6th annual North American Partner Day in Sunnyvale. The event included senior executives and decision makers across search, mobile & communications, content, media, data, platform and ad-tech partners. CEO Marissa Mayer took the stage for an informal interview with Yahoo Tech’s David Pogue.


Jackie Reses, Chief Development Officer, welcoming partners and discussing the Partner Day agenda


Ian Weingarten, Head of Global Partnerships, kicking off Partner Day

Partners had the opportunity to view presentations on product, road maps, and platform strategy from senior executives.


Welcoming partners to our Sunnyvale campus

Ian Weingarten, Josh Cobb, Jackie Reses, Stacey Monn-Vudrag at Partner Day

We want to make it easy for our partners to find out more about working with us and announced that we had created Partners.Yahoo.com. Here, our existing partners can find out information about topics such as our ad platforms and case studies, and potential partners can learn how they can team up with Yahoo. The site is intuitive, easy to navigate by type of partnership, and mobile friendly.

We encourage partners to voice their feedback, provide suggestions or request features by visiting the Stay Connected Page.

Flickr Celebrates Exceptional Young Photographers with 20under20 

By Bernardo Hernandez, Vice President, Flickr 

Photography has the power to fascinate, inspire, and even change the way we see and understand the world around us. At Flickr, we celebrate this along with our community of users. Today, we’re excited to introduce the first annual Flickr 20under20 - an initiative that celebrates 20 of the world’s most extraordinary young photographers on Flickr, who are under the age of 20. 

Millions of photographers share their inspiration with the world every day on Flickr, and we wanted to show our support by finding and promoting the future’s brightest young photography talent. The 20under20 were selected from Flickr’s young photography community by a panel of influential Flickr photographers — Lou Noble, Cuba Gallery, and Rosie Hardy — and myself, based on their creativity, technical talent, and overall strength of portfolio.


Collection of Photographs By the 20under20

We’ll be showcasing the work of these 20 inspirational photographers throughout the year on Yahoo and Flickr. Their work will also be exhibited at a gala event on October 1 at Milk Studios in New York City, curated by Vogue Photography Director, Ivan Shaw. As part of our 20under20 initiative, Shaw chose photographer Laurence Philomene to receive the 20under20 Curator’s Choice Award. Shaw felt her photography offered a unique and fresh perspective, a window into a world he hadn’t seen before. As part of the award, he will mentor Philomene for a year. 


Collection of Photographs by Laurence Philomene

Visit flickr.com/20under20 to learn more about  the 20 photographers who have been chosen for this honor. Also tweet to vote for the photographer you think should receive the Audience Choice Award. Using #Flickr20u20 and the photographer’s name, vote for the #mostcreative, #besttechnique, and #strongestportfolio. These winners will be announced at the gala on October 1. We’d also encourage you to submit nominations for next year’s Flickr 20under20 by emailing their Flickr name or URL to 20under20@yahoo-inc.com.

And for all you young photographers out there, keep inspiring us with your photos! 

20th Anniversary of the Violence Against Women Act


By Megan Cristina, Senior Director, Yahoo Trust and Safety

On the 20th anniversary of the signing of the Violence Against Women Act, Yahoo applauds the groundbreaking spirit behind its enactment and the tremendous progress that has been made in reducing the rates of domestic violence. We also acknowledge that even in the wake of triumphs to empower and protect victims over the years, the conversation is far from over.

Welcome Kerry Diamond & Kristen Baldwin

By Kathy Savitt, CMO of Yahoo


Joining our growing team of digital magazine editors are two heavy hitters from the food and entertainment worlds. Kerry Diamond is joining Yahoo as Editor-in-Chief of Yahoo Food and Kristen Baldwin as Editor-in-Chief of Yahoo TV.

Kerry Diamond, Yahoo Food

Kerry Diamond is the co-founder and editorial director of Cherry Bombe, a biannual indie magazine about women and food. Adweek named Cherry Bombe one of 2014’s five hottest new magazines. She is also the co-owner of three Brooklyn eateries: Nightingale 9, Wilma Jean, and Smith Canteen.  

Kerry has been called “Brooklyn’s chicest restaurateur/editor” and has a career that spans not only food but beauty and fashion. Kerry has spoken at the TasteTalks Brooklyn Conference and the Women, Inspiration and Empowerment Symposium and has been featured in Vogue, Every Day with Rachael Ray, Marie Claire, Wall Street Journal, and other publications.

She will start at Yahoo on September 22 and will be based in New York.

Kristen Baldwin, Yahoo TV

Kristen joins Yahoo TV after 19 years at Entertainment Weekly (EW) where she started as an editorial assistant in 1995. She was instrumental in the integration of EW’s print and digital editorial operations and led the charge on some of EW’s most memorable issues, including the much revered Reunions issue and the always popular Fall TV Preview. In addition, she earned a loyal following on EW.com with her recaps of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.

Kristen brought her wit and TV knowledge to appearances on “TODAY,” “The View,” “Entertainment Tonight,” “Extra,” “Access Hollywood,” “CBS This Morning,” “E! News,” and “VH1’s Behind the Music.”

Kristen will start at Yahoo on September 29 and will be based in New York.

Yahoo News Digest for iPad is Here, Featuring Katie Couric

By Nick D’Aloisio, Product Manager, Mobile and Emerging Products

In January, we launched Yahoo News Digest - an app that combines the strength of science and the power of journalism to deliver the need-to-know news directly to your mobile device twice a day. Today we are bringing this award-winning experience to the iPad with new features that allow you to dig deeper into the news.

We’ve added a new video segment, premiering every Sunday with our Global Anchor Katie Couric. Each week, Couric will walk you through a significant story from the week before and give you key context to get you in the know.


Yahoo News Digest is now optimized for the tablet, taking full advantage of the large screen to provide a beautifully designed landscape experience for you as you read the important news of the day. In addition, based on your feedback, we’ve created customizable notification delivery times. Your digest will still be available twice daily, but now you can decide when you receive your news. Choose anytime between 6am to 10am for your morning digest and 5pm to 9pm for your evening digest.

Once you’ve gotten through the key stories and completed the digest, read extra content if you’d like with Sections, including Politics, Sports, Entertainment and Technology. Check out a couple to whet your palate or read them all! Sections are available in the US edition and coming to other countries soon.


Yahoo News Digest for iPad is now available with US, UK, Canadian, and International editions in English globally. Download the app now in the App Store.

Learn more about the team and vision behind Yahoo News Digest by watching the video below.

Keeping the Internet Open & Free

By Margaret Nagle, Executive Director & Head of US Government Affairs

Right now, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is considering critically important rules around how best to ensure that the Internet remains an open platform for innovation.

At Yahoo, we firmly believe that a free and open Internet is critical to ensure our users have unfettered access to content and tools that enhance their lives.

We have urged the FCC to implement enforceable rules that ban paid prioritization, creating regulatory certainty for content providers such as Yahoo. These rules should apply to wired and wireless networks, so our users enjoy a comparable experience whether they access our services on their laptop or on a mobile device.

We encourage our users to learn more, including by visiting the Internet Association, checking out a letter we signed onto in May of this year, and visiting the FCC’s website to see the proposed rule and lend your voice to the discussion.

We’re committed to protecting a free and open Internet, and fighting to ensure that our users continue to  enjoy online content and tools — without disruption.

Welcoming Yoani Sanchez, award-winning Cuban blogger, as the next Yahoo Fellow @ Georgetown University


By Tekedra Mawakana, VP & Deputy General Counsel, Global Public Policy


Few people symbolize the ability of one individual to empower, unite and inspire like Yoani Sanchez.

Yoani is an award-winning Cuban journalist, blogger, and author, recognized internationally for her promotion of freedom of expression online. I’m incredibly pleased to share that Yoani is this year’s Yahoo Fellow in International Values, Communications Technology and the Global Internet at Georgetown University.

You can find more information here in Georgetown University’s press release.

A New Publisher Solution: Yahoo Recommends

By Mike Kerns, Senior Vice President of Homepage and Verticals

At Yahoo, we understand the tools digital publishers need to monetize and develop their business. Over the years we have invested in and built world-class technology to support our media solutions. I’m excited to announce today that we are making that technology available to publishers across the web.

Yahoo Recommends is a technology that generates personalized content recommendations and a native advertising experience for users. The tool makes it easier for visitors to discover a publisher’s content and integrates an additional native advertising unit onto their site. We know first-hand that the combination of personalization and premium content works for users, and we’ve created Yahoo Recommends so publishers can put that powerful combination to work too.


Powered by Yahoo’s personalization technology, Yahoo Recommends comes in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate any site layout on PC or mobile — ensuring a seamless integration with any site and a fluid, relevant and transparent experience for readers.

To help publishers monetize, Yahoo Recommends includes clearly labeled sponsored ads. Premium and personalized ads featured on Yahoo Recommends are served through Yahoo Gemini, Yahoo’s unified mobile search and native ad marketplace. The launch of Yahoo Recommends represents the first time the marketplace has grown to carry inventory and serve ads beyond Yahoo’s own sites.

Digital publishers like CBSi, VOX Media and Hearst are already using Yahoo Recommends to both make discovery easy for visitors and monetize their sites. “We are pleased to be one of the first media companies to use Yahoo Recommends,” said Jim Lanzone, President and CEO, CBS Interactive. “The personalized content recommendations enable users to discover and engage with even more of CBS Interactive’s premium content.”

Publishers can also manage analytics with detailed reporting to understand how their content and ads are performing. Any publisher can start increasing engagement and revenue with three simple steps:


For more information about Publisher Solutions or to get started with Yahoo Recommends, contact your Yahoo representative or email Paul Krakow at pkrakow@yahoo-inc.com.

Flurry Insights: The Tides Turn for the Phablet’s Popularity

By Jarah Euston, Flurry

Tech media is buzzing that Apple may unveil a phablet-sized iPhone 6 on September 9th. Six years ago, who would have guessed that an extra inch of screen space could cause so much commotion?


Flurry, regularly publishes data-driven reports on its Flurry Insights Blog. Using Flurry Analytics data gathered from 550,000 apps on 1.4 billion devices per month, Flurry has been known to break major mobile news (like when China surpassed the US to become the #1 mobile market, or when it was the first to say that 86% of time spent in mobile is spent in apps).

Last Spring we reported that, as of February 2013, the phablet was an insignificant player in the mobile ecosystem dominated by phones and tablets. In fact, we said that this new kid on the block was not having a meaningful impact among consumers, developers or manufacturers. Today we are taking a second look to see how far phablets have come since our original report.

Take a look at our report over on the Flurry blog.

Fantasy Football on Your Samsung Smart TV


By Ron Jacoby, VP Smart TV

Yahoo Fantasy Football is coming to your Samsung Smart TV! The latest Samsung Sports app now features the Yahoo Fantasy Football TV experience. Keep tabs on your weekly fantasy match-ups and follow all your league scores without missing a second of the game. And, the Samsung Sports app also gives you live player stats, game summaries, drive charts, and more.


Look for the on-screen prompts on your Samsung Smart TV to launch the app while watching the game, or launch the app anytime through the Samsung TV app store (SmartHub).

The app is available now on select 2014 Samsung Smart TVs.